Babies Through Two Years

Your little ones are precious to us and great care is taken to maintain a clean and secure environment for them in the following ways:


A national background check is run on each volunteer after they fill out their volunteer application. We utilize the Parent Pager system to ensure secure check-in/check-out procedures. All parents of bed babies are required to check out a pager from their child’s classroom; other preschoolers’ parents may check out a pager upon request.

Nursery Staff

Paid coordinators oversee the care of children in the baby rooms (bed babies through crawling/beginning walkers). They work along-side our volunteers to ensure consistency in care and procedures.


All babies’ diapers are changed during each service hour or more often if needed. Every baby is changed on clean, disposable paper on the changing table. All nursery staff wear gloves when changing diapers and wash their hands and use hand sanitizers before changing another baby.